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On our podcast DinnerTime: More than Just a Mouthful we discuss our opinions from a Christian perspective. The opinions we express do not reflect any house of worship or institution. They are based on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and our time in Bible study. Our sources and show notes can be found here.

Who are you?

We are Enid and Ethan Flores, a mother and son duo.

Why did you make a podcast?

We both felt the Lord move on our hearts to share our experiences and answers to biblical questions we found in our Christian walk with others. This was a fun way of doing that.

You both sound american...

Thats because we are! We are currently live just outside of Chicago,USA.

Hey, where are those pictures from?

Our logo and background images are stock photos, courtesy of Judy Roberts and Andrea Piacquadio. Also our intro sound is from a dinner bell from the Red Hill General Store.

Why is it called dinner time?

Because people would gather around and listen to raido shows (old timey podcasts) around dinner time.

You both sound cool, can i follow you?

You can click on our images above to see our instagrams.

How do I contact you both?

You can send us an email at

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